What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to promote products & services and reach the prospective customer directly through electronic email. It is one of the most traditional parts of internet marketing and is known for a more effective method rather than other marketing methods. If you have a good email list, then there is a high chance to promote your services and products with your customer.

There are two terms in email marketing one is Promotion email and another one Transactional email.


Promotional Email

Promotion email is a typical form of email marketing. It focuses on exclusive offers to the subscribers, new product launch, discount deals, and more details related to the services and products. It increases the sales of the products & services and acquires new prospects. It is a very cheap solution for generating qualified leads for your services and products. You can convert those deals in your sale. Promotional email is the platform, which can help to engagement and retention with your customer.

Transactional Email

It is used after the customer completes it. In another form, you can say if you purchased any product & services or reset the credential then you receive the confirmation email through that company it’s called transactional email. Non- e-commerce companies can send the transaction email for their customers like reset password, profile change notification, email address confirmation, reminders, balance. In this email typically no call to action, It is just used for taking the feedback, and opportunity for cross-selling.


Benefits of Email Marketing

It is a history that email marketing has no scope. It is still effective and one of the most channels for all types of marketing.

There are the following benefits of using email marketing.

  1. Save timing and manage your contacts
  2. Engage with your subscribers
  3. Easy to use on the global level
  4. Cost-effective and best ROI (Return on investment)
  5. Connect with your prospect at best possible time
  6. Schedule the email campaign
  7. Easy and quickly follow-ups
  8. Easy to track and manage accordingly for the better result
  9. Create a beautiful and attractive email template
  10. Approach the millions customer at a single time



Email marketing is giving the best results. If you go with the email marketing platform for advertising your product and services, So you are saving lots of time and cost apart from that you are getting the best ROI (Return on Investment).

There are so many email marketing tools that can help you boost your email campaign.