Perfect Facebook Post

This is what the perfect Facebook post looks like

Facebook currently has around 2.7 billion monthly active users. This reach makes it clear how attractive the network is as a channel for online marketing. However, it also ensures that there cannot be one perfect post. It’s logical: if there are so many people in one place, they also bring a wide range of different interests and preferences with them. Still, there are a few ingredients that you can use to get the most exposure out of your Facebook post.

Below you will find out which criteria make the perfect post on Facebook:

Define objectives in advance

Regardless of whether you want to collect likes, spark a discussion, or generate more traffic for your website, define your post’s goal in advance. Once your post’s goal has been determined, you can now think more closely about the implementation. To do this, consider

  • which format is most effective in conveying your message,
  • which call-to-action is most likely to trigger the desired target action and
  • whether and where the potential customer should be forwarded.

Convince with quality

Facebook offers different forms of contributions: text, image, audio, and video formats are available on the platform. As far as user attention is concerned, image and video formats are clearly ahead, which can also be seen in the most popular Facebook postings worldwide.

If you also want to capture users’ interest through strong visual stimuli, you should, however, make sure to optimize the media for Facebook when selecting the media. In this way, you can be sure that these are properly displayed to the users. The best format for pictures and videos on Facebook is 1200 x 1200 pixels.

If you share a link, it is best to choose the preview image yourself in order to give the future user the perfect impression of what to expect. To do this, simply click on the “X” in the upper corner of the link preview and select another image instead of the one that is automatically displayed.

The general rule here: Always make sure to share exciting content that meets your users’ quality requirements.

Relevant and trend-conscious Facebook posts

In addition to the quality of the media, the relevance of the content is, of course, also decisive. Offer your followers added value and post content that is particularly interesting or up-to-date, delight not only the recipients but also increase the chance that they will become multipliers and share your contribution.

In addition, you should make sure that you cover several subject areas in order to provide variety and keep your readers interested.

As far as the content format is concerned, you can and should occasionally vary and try out new things. For example, the following are conceivable:

  • a “behind-the-scenes” series that gives users an insight into everyday business life,
  • participation in challenges,
  • Competitions,
  • Puzzles that have product-related or industry-relevant topics as their content,
  • Live videos for a Q&A and exchange with the community and
  • a series of advisors with tips and hacks on all aspects of your industry.

However, you should definitely avoid getting into a rut on social media and relying on one or two formats that have been well received. Because, especially in the fast-moving world of social networks, this can get boring for your community in the long run.

Instead, you should keep posting new and inspiring content and keeping an eye on the latest content trends.

Our tip: Test and use new Facebook functions as soon as they come out to skillfully ride the trend wave.

Short and catchy

Most people scroll through the news feed and skim the most important information on their way to work. This is exactly why you have to be able to convince your followers of your content with just a few words. An analysis by BuzzSumo found that posts with fewer than 50 characters perform best. This means that it is best to use short and memorable information in your Facebook post. With the help of emojis and hashtags, you can loosen up the text a little.

Crack the Facebook algorithm

Of course, this point is meant more rhetorically. Still, you should know as much as you can about the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm. In this way, you can assess which posts are rated particularly well and how you can move forward in terms of visibility. EdgeRank works with a relevance rating model that takes into account which published the content, how many interactions the post received, and how current the post is.

If you know these important criteria of the algorithm and know how to use them, that is half the battle to achieve a high reach with your post.

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Timing of the Facebook post

Find out when your target group is particularly active. Simply try out different days and times and then use Facebook Insights to compare which is the best time for your postings. This is also a great way to find out how often you should post on Facebook.

For some communities, one post per day may be sufficient, but others tend to require more updates – for example, if you are active in the media industry. So use analytics and industry knowledge to find out when and how often to post. Seasonal occasions and events should also be included in your planning.

Avoid selling slogans in Facebook posts

Don’t just use your Facebook wall as a shop window in which you can virtually display your goods. Even if you can boost your sales through Facebook, it should be done in an advisory and informative context. Clumsy sales slogans are, therefore, not part of the recipe for success for a successful (organic) Facebook post.

Help the organic reach on the jumps

The organic range is on Facebook declined significantly. Above all, the network wants to strengthen its own advertising area. But the flood of posts also makes it increasingly difficult not to get lost in the vortex of information with your own post. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to promote contributions that have already achieved a good level of commitment.

Placing ads with poorly performing posts, on the other hand, makes less sense since the organic reach is already an important indicator of the success of a post. However, if a post does naturally well among your followers, you can use advertising to significantly boost reach and possibly even gain new followers.

<Be active on Facebook.

Once your post is published, the work is not done. As with all social platforms, it is important that you interact with your community. Involving your followers in the posting, responding to questions and comments, and like to like them back: Because it is precisely this community idea that defines social networks and success in the social media sector.

You should not ignore negative comments either, but rather answer them confidently, friendly, and solution-oriented. Always be aware of your role as an opinion leader and curator on your Facebook account – this will strengthen your brand and give your post a better reach.

Publishing the perfect Facebook post isn’t rocket science. But every platform has its own set of rules. In order to achieve a high reach on Facebook, you should always publish relevant content that offers added value to the target group.

Convince with exciting media that convey your message with the help of concise texts. Also, always respond to your followers’ questions and concerns to promote communication within your community.