5 Secrets to Using Social Media for a New Job

Harnessing the Power of Social Networking for Job Opportunities

With people of varying ages logging on to online social networking sites, new applications add the job search functionality. Here’s how to find jobs through social sites.

Despite numerous predictions of implosion due to identity and security concerns, the online social networking phenomenon is here to stay. Whether Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Bebo, Orkut, or any other of the dozens of social sites on the web, online social networking is trending amongst people of all ages around the globe.

While the general idea of such networking is to make new connections with people who have common interests, job seekers can also harness social sites to find new jobs. From career discussions to resume posting to relevant job listings from major job search engines, social media has become a very convenient way to search for a new job.

Tweet about the Job Search Using Twitter

It may seem unlikely that a person can find a job in 140 characters or less, but the power of Twitter in being picked up by web search engines and third-party websites makes the microblogging site a powerful ally in the job search. Using Twitter, the job seeker should

  • enter a link to an online resume (e.g., VisualCV)
  • provide a brief bio indicating employment goals, skills, and accomplishments
  • make sure updates are not protected
  • include a professional-looking photo
  • Tweet daily about the job search, stating the desired position, location, and/or target company
  • use hashtags (#) to identify keywords that are picked up in searches (e.g., #techjobs)
  • search people and follow recruiters and companies of interest

Get Linkedin to New Job Opportunities

Linkedin is a business social networking website where businesses, employers, and job seekers can connect. Using Linkedin, job seekers should

  • add links to professional websites including an online resume or portfolio
  • make connections with colleagues, friends, and current and former coworkers
  • make and receive recommendations
  • use Linkedin applications to display work samples and integrate blogging
  • Search and apply for jobs

Add Job Search Apps on Facebook and MySpace

Facebook and MySpace are two of the most popular social sites on the web. Job seekers can add handy job search apps that allow users to post and share a resume, view new job openings, and expand the job seeker’s professional network. If the person has an existing resume in HTML format, simply add an HTML app, insert code, and display it on a professional-looking public Facebook or MySpace profile.

Join Monster’s Career Advice Community

The venerable job search engine Monster hosts a robust job discussion board called the Monster Career Advice Community. Get job searching tips, sound off on bizarre interviews, get career advice from experts, obtain resume writing tips, vent about the lame job market, and much more.

Post an Interactive Multimedia Online Resume

Interactive multimedia online resumes (IMORs) are the wave of the future. Using VisualCV, job seekers can create and post a free interactive web resume. The candidate can go far beyond the traditional resume in terms of adding links to resources, work samples, audio, video, and pictures. The job seeker can also add a variety of modules to highlight job skills, capabilities, and work history.

In the past, posting a resume on CareerBuilder, Monster, or Dice was sufficient in seeking employment. But with today’s explosive growth in social media, the importance of expanding the job search to social networking websites is becoming ever clearer. Though it may seem overwhelming, every job seeker should consider creating a profile on at least two of these sites for optimum job search success.