We do Austin Marketing Sales Funnels

What’s a Sales Funnel? We’re glad you asked!

Simply put, it’s a process of people landing onto your website, which is the top of your funnel, and money coming out of the bottom. In between, your potential customers are taken through a number of steps where they understand that making a purchase is in their best interests.

This is a very powerful (and very modern) way of introducing people to an offer that you have, while capturing their details so that you can market more offers to them later.

Get in touch with us and we’ll show you some examples.

We work with small businesses with different budget levels in 2 ways.

Do It Yourself (or your team) Funnel Blueprint:

  • A 1 to 2 hour strategy session: Where we go over your products or services, your lead magnet, trip wire/upsell, opt-in pages, sales pages, and emails with a fine tooth comb. NOTE: Strategy sessions will very in length, and there will likely be more than one, depending on how much work we need to review. During our session we will uncover areas that can be improved, make suggestions on implementation, work on email sequencing and offer ways to improve engagement.
  • Funnel Blueprint Creation: We will create a complete Automated Sales & Marketing Funnel Blueprint with step- by-step instructions on implementation, email and sales page content, trip wire content and images.
  • Content Creation: Yep…you heard that right! We will write all of it for you.

Done-For-You Sales & Marketing Funnel:

  • Includes everything from Do It Yourself: Plus…
  • Build Out Your Complete Funnel Blueprint: We take the Funnel Blueprint we created specifically for your small business and build it out. Opt-in pages, sales pages, product pages, thank you pages, membership site, course site (ex: Udemy), trip wire, emails and campaign funnel sequences.
  • BONUS ONE: Social Media Ad Campaign: This is where the fun starts…Now that your Automated Sales & Marketing Funnel(s) is complete, it’s time to drive traffic to it. We will use a combination of SEO, Social Media Marketing and Ads to drive your IDEAL target audience to your funnel. NOTE: You are responsible for your own Social Media Ad Budget.
  • BONUS TWO: Funnel Conversion Optimization: Automated Sales & Marketing Funnels expert team will improve your online results by running an all-inclusive A/B and Multivariate tests for you. If your website is turning your visitors away…we’ll catch it and make it better. If your shopping cart abandonment rate is too high…we will figure out why…and FIX it.

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