Make An Impression On Social Media With Social Media Calendar

With the rising popularity of Social Media Platforms, the number of users is increasing. It is serving more like a news channel these days.

Wondering how?
Have a product to launch, post it on Facebook and Twitter. Want to know the review of a particular product or service? Post it on social media. Got a complaint? Share it on these platforms. Thus, anything and everything is part of social media these days.

Most of the brands have particular pages or profiles to keep the customers updated about their products and services. Thus, the Social Media trend is rising. And, you actually need to gear up as a brand. No longer thin content would be accepted by the visitors. Your followers have become choosy, and you need to be more creative and time bound to keep them glued to your pages.

How To Create Social Media Calendar?

Make An Impression On Social Media With Social Media Calendar

Heard about social media calendar? If you want to engage your visitors across the social media channels, spare some time and plan your posts. Here are the few tips to create an effective social media calendar:

The content that resonates

The entire social media game is to the user and the visitors. You need to lure them and find out their likes and dislikes. You can check the earlier posts and know the most successful posts, their liking pattern, and posts those have shared.

This can be done by accessing your social media analytics. You can take the help of Social Sprout, Twitter insights, and Facebook insights. Check the metrics and figure out the best posts.

The frequency of posts

When you are about to make a post, think about the products and services of the company, the audience, campaigns and so on. The followers will never appreciate an inappropriate post.

Limit your posts to 2 per day and do not bombard the page with frequent posts. The second important thing is about the timings of the post.

There are specific timings when the posts attract more viewers than the usual schedules. Have a check on it. Follow the below post frequency:

  • Facebook: You can post 3-10 times per week.
  • Twitter: You need to post at least 5 times a day.
  • LinkedIn: Since it is a professional networking site, keep your posts limited to 2-5 times per week.
  • Google+: You can post 3-10 times per week.
  • Pinterest: Ensure that you post 5-10 times per day.

Create a Great Content:

Once you have decided on the type of content that you want and your target audience, your focus should be to build excellent content that is creative, attention-grabbing, error-free and informative. If you are running short of content, you can try out the below tools:


You can type the keyword on any website, and this tool will return you the most relevant and fruitful post related to the keyword.

You can follow content which is relevant to your brand using This tool is completely free and is a great tool to find out all the relevant content across social media profiles.


With this tool, you can scale your entire content as all the publications will aggregate into one stream.

Fill the social media editorial calendar:

Once you have created the content and have decided to post them, you can fill the social media editorial calendar. Do not be relaxed now! You need to find a tool which will allow you to schedule all your social messages and give a demo of how it would appear.

Wondering about such tools? You can try Sprout Social as they have publishing tools which allow you to visualize a month-long social media editorial calendar. Also, have a check on the weekly and National holidays.

Social media editorial calendar tools:
If you want to use the technology to create a social media editorial calendar, you can try out the calendar apps. Here are the exclusive calendar apps:


It is basically, a project management app. It takes charge right from creating the content to scheduling it. You can manage multiple projects. And, guess what? This tool is absolutely free! Download it right now!

WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin:
You can use this plugin to plan and schedule your content for the blog. It is not mean for social media. But, if you have set your blogs to share on social media accounts, WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin will take care of it.

Edit Flow:

You can use this tool to have a monthly editorial calendar view. You can see the customer comments and the content engagement.

Google Calendar:

If you are working as a team, the best tool for creating a monthly social media calendar would be Google Calendar. You can create the monthly calendar and invite your teammates to have a check on it. They can post their ideas and suggestions to the same calendar.

Thus, several factors need to be considered when you are dealing with online platforms. You cannot afford to commit any errors when you are dealing with millions of followers. Every single post must be creatively written such that it ignites the visitors to take some action. You can always use the content creation tools to help you out as they are effective.

Do use the above tips to create a social media calendar and use it effectively. Let us know your feedback.