10 Reasons You Need to Create Your Own LinkedIn Group

So, you don’t have your own LinkedIn group and community? Well, let me tell you how I have benefited from having my own LinkedIn group – and give you 10 reasons why you need to create one today.

Reason 1 – Having your own LinkedIn group helps you stay engaged with your connections

What good is having 100, 1000 or even 10,000+ connections – if they are just sitting there doing nothing for your business. Just last week, a client came to me thrilled to learn that he had top CEO’s, Vice Presidents and National Sales Directors apart of his group. I explained to him that he had been connected to these individuals for quite some time and he did not even realize it. But simply by creating his own group he was able to utilize these connections for his own benefit. Within his group he is able to make announcements and post his content for these top executives and decision makers to see. Check out Ron’s results here.

Reason 2 – Having your own LinkedIn group builds thought leadership

This is one of the first things people see when they join the group. My name is also featured as the owner of the group. Based on perception alone, the owner is a thought leader for that group’s niche (until proven otherwise). The more you back this up with quality content, and positive group management, your community will support you and anoint you a leader in that niche. Every time these group members need someone advice in your field you will be the first person they think of.

Reason 3 – Having your own LinkedIn group creates a thriving community

People love to belong to a community, or a “Tribe” as Seth Godin puts it. The more you are able to connect like-minded people together, the more they will appreciate you. As the leader, you will reap the benefits of creating an opportunity for people who are passionate about a specific subject to come together. Notice, I said – specific subject. You want to niche your group as much as possible.

Reason 4 – Having your own LinkedIn group will drive traffic to your website and blog

When you post content in your group you can send members back to your website and blog to find out more. Give them some info but send them to a blog posting, article or portion of your website to learn more. When members like what they see in your group they will be more willing to go to your site and blog. By having his own LinkedIn group, an article marketing expert increased his blog traffic by 33.8%!

Reason 5 – Having your own LinkedIn group will build your personal network

As more and more people find out about your group because of the content you provide you will automatically build a community. Plus, if you promote your group with a press release and promote the group within your website and blog, you will start getting invitations to join your group without you even having to invite them first. From there the group members will see that you are an expert and they will want to connect with you personally. This will in turn build your personal network.

Reason 6 – Having your own LinkedIn group allows you to send weekly notices quickly, easily and for free!

Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars each year on email marketing you could simply create a group, and send them a weekly message for free. For example, Robert Flemming, who runs the eMarketingAssociation group on LinkedIn has almost 200,000 members in his community. His LinkedIn group helps him achieve his event marketing goals as it helps him sells a ton of event tickets that he charges $1,000 a ticket for – and it doesn’t cost him a dime to send out these emails.

Reason 7 – Having your own LinkedIn group allows you to show media professionals the type of information you can provide their readers, listeners or viewers

I research publications, blogs and websites where I would like to be featured or published and find the names of the editors or writers. I take this information and connect with these people on LinkedIn. I then invite them to my group so they can see what insight I have to offer. By having my own group I am able to show them what information I can provide for their audience. This way when I approach them to use me a guest expert or contributor on LinkedIn marketing – they more than likely say yes because I have earned their respect by providing valuable insights within my group.

Reason 8 – Having your own LinkedIn group will help you gain your potential referral source’s trust

I know that I would never refer someone who I did not think was an absolute expert in their field. I would not want to risk my credibility or reputation to support someone that I did not believe in. Using my group I can show members what I can do for them and the knowledge I can provide.

This way they can become comfortable with me – and when I invite potential referral sources to a networking call – it is productive as the potential referral source is already open to working together to give clients more value. And, when I approach referral sources to help me promote my events – they are more than willing to help. Click here to see one example of how a referral source is helping me promote my call!

Reason 9 – Gives your followers more access to you

The more access to you that you provide your followers – the more they will respond to you. That’s why I offer free special reports, free ecourses and free teleseminars. It’s why I provide you with weekly ezines and blog post wrap-ups. and, it’s why I showcase the discussions that are happening in my LinkedIn group within my ezines, blog post wrap-ups, articles and all over my website. I want to keep my messages in front of your face – and give you as much value as I can. This way when you need help with your LinkedIn marketing efforts – you’ll come to me!

Reason 10 – Create a forum for your clients, customers, association members or conference attendees

Along with having a LinkedIn group for prospects, referral sources and the media – you can create a private, for-members-only LinkedIn group as this will allows anyone within your business circle to have an instant forum setting. They can talk to you, to each other or both. It is another way for clients and customers to get more from their relationship with you. When people have more access to you and your exclusive information they feel they are getting more for their money.

Inside you will get a step by step guide to create your own group, build profitable relationships and much more.