Why Instagram Reels is Exciting For Companies.

Instagram Reels, Facebook’s answer to the successful TikTok multi-clip app, has been available since the end of June. Reason enough for us to analyze whether and which companies are already using reels and which content is being played there. Of course, we are also concerned with the question of whether the latest Instagram feature can become a major competitor for “the original.”

How to Instagram Reels?

First, let’s take a look at Instagram Reels: What is it? Reels are clips of up to 15 seconds to which music or sound can be added.

Where can I find reels?

The feature can be found in the story area of ​​Instagram – if you have the latest update of the Instagram app; otherwise, it helps to restart the app. So you open the Instagram app and click on the camera icon in the top left as if you want to create a story. At the bottom, you will now see “Reels” next to the “Live” and “Story” options.

What functions do Reels offer?

After you have selected “Reels,” various options for editing open up:

  • Audio: The music database with a search function for music or mood
  • Tempo: a time-lapse or slow-motion mode, too
  • Effects: AR effects such as a green screen

– all known features from Instagram Stories.

What sets Reels apart from stories is the timer, with which cuts can be set automatically within 15 seconds. Drag to set the length of the clip. Big advantage: You can record clips hands-free because you don’t have to click the stop button to end the recording. As soon as you press the record button, you will see the countdown 3-2-1. Then the recording starts for the duration you have specified beforehand.

After a cut, there is a new option: “Align” or “Align.” This practical function shows the previously rotated clip faded in the background; this allows you a seamless transition, for example, with the popular clips with many outfit changes.

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Where can I watch reels?

Instagram reels can then be found in the normal picture feed and in the explore tab (Explore feed) of the app – as long as they are public accounts; otherwise, they only see followers. The reels can be recognized by the white Instagram Reels symbol at the bottom left. You can also find the reels on the individual accounts, just click on the symbol for reels – this is directly below the story highlights to the symbol for IGTV.

Have you noticed that reels are increasingly being displayed in the feed?
Photo credit: Instagram

In particular, through the Discover tab and the use of hashtags, a high organic reach can be achieved with Reels. In the Discover tab, users search for content from accounts that they have not yet followed, but that corresponds to their interests. Since Instagram is still pushing the new Reels to feature through prominent placement, now is the opportunity to be seen.

How do I share reels?

  • Public account: You can share your video in a special area in Explore, and you can also share it in your feed – so your followers can see your reels. If you share reels with certain songs, hashtags, or effects, your reels may also appear on certain pages as soon as someone clicks on the respective song, hashtag, or effect.
  • Private account: You can share reels in your feed and thus with your followers.

Who are Instagram reels for?

The reasons for the efforts are obvious: On the one hand, Instagram wants to reach the young TikTok target group. According to a research, 69% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old. On the other hand, it is very important to the creators that users spend a lot of time within the app. This is exactly what short clips with a high addiction factor are suitable.

Conversely, this means for companies: Those who use Instagram Reels or TikTok appear on Generation Z’s radar and can anchor themselves as a brand in the mindset. In this way, a completely new target group is reached which, due to its age, does not necessarily belong to the most affluent in terms of purchasing power, but is considered to be very brand-conscious and loyal.

Which companies use Instagram reels?

Companies that rely on influencer marketing can have their products staged via their reels and benefit from the already existing high reach and loyal follower community. In addition, the format, which is designed for speed and spontaneity, also offers its ways of producing cheap content. Mind you: Most companies are still at the very beginning.