Improve your email marketing – best practices

Before creating the email campaign for sending to your subscriber, we have to familiarize ourselves with the email marketing best practices. Nearly millions of companies use email marketing for promoting the products and services.

When it comes to right down to it, the basics of email marketing is the first step.

What is email marketing? Is this useful for your business or product promotion?

In this article, we will learn about the 10 email marketing best practices. How we can improve our email marketing campaign and get the maximum response rate on our campaign.

2019 – 10 steps of email marketing best practices:

  1. Build your subscriber list
  2. Segment your subscriber list
  3. Subject line should be right
  4. An email should be personalized
  5. Focus on email template design
  6. Avoid spammy content
  7. Before sending conduct testing
  8. Template should be mobile friendly
  9. Analyze the campaign report
  10. Use social media button in your campaign


  1. Build Your Subscriber List:

    Don’t go for the purchase contact list, You should avoid because there are high chances of the bad data. so you have to build your own subscriber list.

There are so many ways to build your contact list and a couple of ways are here:

  • Do a market survey and collect the email address
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Sign up features should be on your website
  • Insist the user give the contact details
  1. Segment Your Subscriber List:

    Segmentation plays a very important role in your email campaign, It saves your time and increases the open rate, clicks through rate and conversion rate. Now the days’ customer wants to see the relevant content, They don’t want like mass or spam email. If you have segmented your list like customer’s behavior, needs and past experience with your products and services so it is the high chance to engage with your email.

5 recommendation for list segmentation:

  • Customer Interest
  • New Subscribers
  • Geographical Wise
  • Open Rate
  • Mobile vs. Segmentation
  1. Subject Line Should be Right:

    Subject line play a major role in an email marketing campaign, It helps to increase the open rate. You should try to change your subject line from time to time and analyze which one is highly open. You should keep a short and attractive line, You can also use the Emoji in your subject line.

  1. An Email Should be Personalized:

    If you want to succeed in your email campaign it is the best strategy. Many companies skip this and my point of view it is silly. If you feel personalize to your customer so there are high chances to engage with the content. You can also personalize your campaign to using the mutual connection as John told me that you may be interested in improving the ranking of your website. 

  1. Focus on Email Template Design:

    On to the content of the template, our goal should be to take your reader’s attention quickly and follow up with a CTA. You should remember don’t use more CTA and the links. Just keep simple and readable. Your CTA should be on top of the template if you are giving at the bottom so there is no point of that.

  1. Avoid Spammy Content:

    As an email marketer, You should keep your content spam free keywords. If your emails are going to in spam so there is no point of the email campaign. Keep your content relevant and should be correlated with your landing page. Also, you have written the subject line very clear so that the reader can understand what is in the email body. Spam filter can be triggered for a variety of reasons. There is one of the best ways to avoid spam filter is carefully picking the words you use in your email body and subject line. Never use the spam keywords in your content. There are lots of sites where you can get the spam keyword list.

  1. Before Sending Conduct Testing:

    Before send to your subscriber first do the testing. Send to yourself and to the business colleague, can they quickly give the feedback that all CTA is working? yes so all good, If not keep working. There are many areas to check the email that it has done or not.

  • No Typo error
  • All images are showing
  • All links are working
  • A landing page is accurate
  • CTA should be work
  • Template is responsive
  1. Template Should be Mobile Friendly:

    How many of us have spent the time to read the email in traveling, waiting in the queue of at the restaurants? Now a day’s half of the readers prefer to read the email on mobile devices. That means your emails should be responsive and easy to read, view, and click.

  1. Analyze the Campaign Report:

    Email marketing is not all about sending. Once you shoot your campaign, You are just onto the next step. To maximize the benefits of your email reports, So review your report analytics day by day, and even a few weeks or a few months later to compare how your campaign performing against your predictions. It gives you an idea to improve your strategy and the planning for your next campaign. A few things you should include in your analysis report:

  • Open rate
  • Delivery rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion numbers
  1. Use Social Media Button in Your Template:

    Do you want more subscribers? Let’s ask to share your email. Encourage your subscriber to forward your email to their group. Who might be your prospect subscriber? And this is like a rocket to increase your social media followers. Because social media play a very major role to improve your email campaign and the subscriber as we all your conversion.