How to Get Traffic from Instagram using Bitly URL

Instagram may be the ‘monarch of engagement’ for online marketers, but the social media platform has one drawback: it does not enable you to insert clickable links on the captions of the photos you’ve posted on that social media. Indeed, your bio is the one place where you can add a link. This poses a big challenge when you need to drive traffic from that social media platform. But you can turn this challenge into an opportunity and get customers. In this post, we’ve selected six tips from Instagram’s scheduling tool that will help you track and drive your Instagram traffic.

Six Ways to Get Traffic from Instagram Using Bitly

#1. Track Links:

When somebody clicks on the bio link on your Instagram, the source of that traffic will not appear as ‘Instagram’ in Google Analytics but as ‘direct.’ Thus, a trackable link is of vital importance to help you attain marketing success. For this, you need to use a Bitly link which will enable you to both tracks your clicks and additional information about your traffic, like where it’s coming from, etc. Your posts must have a CTA (Call to Action) to attract customers to your blog and look for Instagram tricks and tips. Since you want to track your social media traffic with Google Analytics create a URL using custom URL limitations and then shorten it with Bitly. Use Google URL Builder to include your source, campaign, and medium. After that copy the long URL and paste it into Bitly. Then when you see Google Analytics, you’ll get to watch the different components of your social media traffic and a micro-view of the Instagram traffic.

#2. Killer Bio:

Your bio on Instagram is the key to promoting your brand. It’s the only place where people can learn more about you, read a blog or shop. Therefore creating an engaging, precise and relevant bio on Instagram is a must to get your community to engage with your business and website and to capture an audience. In your bio include all relevant details like name, company name, contact information, email address, your address/phone number. If you also include your other social media handles your Instagram followers can reach you on various social platforms. If you have a hashtag for your brand, ensure that it is added to your bio. In this way, your community will get to know how to tag their pictures. But the most important thing to do is adding a link to your blog, site, specific product or post you wish to promote. The link is your main real estate on Instagram and the key factor to get traffic.

#3. Promote Your Bio:

The next thing to do is to promote your bio. Do this by posting an appealing photo using captions to get visitors to your site. You can also get visitors’ attention by including text on your photos. These images may not get as much engagement as your Instagram pics, but they may fetch you more traffic.

#4. Plan Your Posts:

If you schedule your posts properly, you will be able to manage your Instagram every week without a hitch. Take your time to plan out your strategy for Instagram. Your aim must be to increase traffic, get more exposure and increase your number of followers. To achieve this carefully curate your content, post consistently and at optimal times. Use Later’s Media Library so that you can upload photos in bulk at one go and then comfortably schedule your posts for the next seven days. To get Instagram traffic, post your site details or blog many times a week and not only one time.

#5. Change Your URL:

You can change up the Bitly link that’s in the URL of your Instagram, but this depends on what you wish to promote. For this don’t link to your blog; link to a precise blog post which you will post on Instagram in about a week. You may want to shift your followers on Instagram to friends on Snapchat – or link to your bio on Instagram the ‘add’ URL on Snapchat. But this won’t work since Instagram has stopped ‘add me’ deep linking. However, there’s a way to get around this block by using Bitly. Use a Bitly link shortener to make your Snapchat URL shorter, then stick the Bitly link into the bio of your Instagram. This will enable your followers to unveil your Snapchat ‘ghost’ straight into the Snapchat app.

#6. Be Creative and Experiment:

The tips listed above will help you get success in your marketing endeavor as you begin to drive traffic from your posts on Instagram. Be creative and experiment; try out fresh things and discover what works best for you and your audience. Create an amazing bio and make sure that you track and promote your links in your bio. Take care while scheduling your posts. Don’t forget that on Instagram you get only one link. So use it to show off your very best. This means, always keep the latest blog post up or keep on the link in your bio your most-liked post. When you don’t promote anything extraordinarily different, you can make, for users of Instagram, a landing page ‘special.’ Place a link to your followers about yourself as well as your posts that are most popular. Also, you can create unique content tailor-made for your followers on Instagram. This is bound to give your new readers a feeling that they are special.

It will also make things easier for it will tell them precisely where to go when they see your blog. While using these techniques, you’ll inevitably face the problem of trial and mistakes. But by measuring every link, you’ll quickly get to know what doesn’t work and what does.