Facebook Or Google: Which Is The Better Pick For A Brand’s Ads?

Facebook vs Google Ads – Which is Best for my Brand?

In the world of ads, every last lead counts towards taking your business to new leagues of success. Campaigns become increasingly competitive by the day in a frantic bid for market share. Every social media strategic plan revolves around leveraging a potential audience for the brand into solid conversions and business opportunities.

As with most things in the digital world, there are tools to help you hone your ad campaigns to perfection. Over time, these have become part and parcel of digital marketing MO. Today, social media analysts worldwide wouldn’t dream of starting work without their trusty analytics tools!

When there are multiple tools in the kit, the comparison between them is inevitable. At least for the sake of argument, two tools will be pitted against each other to check, which offers better value for money. In a field as competitive as this, you need the best in the business on your side!

The Two Giants

For the longest time, there have been two big-ticket names used by brands the world over. It only fits that they are owned by two of the biggest digital moguls out there.

In one corner, we have Google. The father of all things search-associated and services that have become a household name. Google AdWords lives up to its parent’s name in every way. To this day, it is still the go-to ad research tool for anyone looking to conduct PPC campaigns online.

On the other end, we have the social giant, Facebook. Today, Facebook is a social media conglomerate covering Instagram and WhatsApp under its umbrella. Naturally, this makes it prime real estate to explore your interests on social media. This is the premise of advertising on social media for business. With the right budget, you can craft highly precise ads that can garner a large audience for your brand.

If you look at both of these contenders from a broad perspective, they serve more or less the same purpose. What differs is HOW that purpose is achieved.

– Google dives deep into your brand’s statistics and parameters and tailors a campaign approach on that basis.

– Facebook takes the scenic route and focuses on capturing a potential audience for your existing brand.

So essentially, these two ad tools are two sides of the same coin. But in terms of objective branding efficiency, which tool comes out on top? To decide that, we’ll have to take a closer look at the two tools, under individual lenses.

Social Media Strategic Plans: Facebook Ads

Though it’s rise to popularity has been relatively recent, Facebook Ads sits as king of the social media marketing hill. With a user base numbering multiple billions across its apps, Facebook is THE arena for selective branding nowadays.

– The vast expanse of data being uploaded to Facebook creates a highly specific database for advertisers to target.

– The filters present in Facebook’s Ads manager help brands target their audience with pinpoint precision. This is one of the main USPs that fuel Facebook’s success as an ad platform.

– It’s a natural segway into social media popularity. If you want to stay relevant among your general audience, Facebook Ads is a good bet. It’s almost like a unique PR machinery for your brand, if done right.

– Since it’s so cost-effective, you’re guaranteed a solid ROI if you play your cards right.

– The creative freedom offered by Facebook Ads is beyond compare. Facebook Ads is a place where you grab audience eyeballs through visually aesthetic creatives. Naturally, this creates ample opportunities to showcase your brand in all its splendour, building your brand image in the process.

Notice a common pattern in the points above? If you spotted the audience-based trend the Facebook Ads experience offers as a whole, then you’re banging on the money. Facebook Ads’ biggest strength is the versatility it offers to market a brand creatively.

So that’s Facebook’s side of the story for social media for business. Let’s pay the other contender a visit. Onwards to Google!

Word By Word: Google AdWords

Google is a name that resonates across the globe. In fact, the entire field of SEO is centered around the tech giant and its algorithms. On the digital marketing side of things, the competition gets fierce on Google.

While SEO itself is mostly organic and free, there’s the paid search corner, which is Google AdWords’ domain. Google’s paid search model has become an integral part of social media strategic plans. Why? Because it helps cement your brand’s position in your online niche.

– At its core, Google AdWords is about bidding to put your keywords ahead of the competition in the search engine results.

– Google lets you advertise your brand when people search for similar keywords associated with your brand. It’s a question of clever planning and execution that’ll determine how far you get.

– In fact, Google gives you two different avenues to advertise your brand on their platform. Both work in tandem to provide a holistic promotional experience for your brand.

– As you know, AdWords is focused on keyword-oriented paid ads. The other tool focuses on banner ads. Both work on a bid-based system that’s based on multiple factors besides just the bidding amount.

– Ad contenders are ranked based on the algorithm’s score for them. This score is calculated with factors such as UX and content quality. This ensures that every contender has a fair shot at the top spot, irrespective of their budgets.

– The scope that Google Ads offers is quite literally unparalleled. Just in a single second, Google faces tens of thousands of search queries from all corners of the globe.

– Google Ads is flexible in the types of ads that it offers to marketers. It’s come a long way since the text-only ads of its launch days. These layers of flexibility give ad runners free rein to experiment and tailor their brand to their audience.

As far as running ads is concerned, it’s hard to top Google. They have set a precedent for going about paid search and PPC marketing. Google takes the road of brand-focused advertising, helping you hone your brand to capture a potential audience with laser-like precision.


So after assessing these two vital tools for social media for business, can we conclude that one is better than the other? Far from it. It’s a case of apples and oranges because both offer such immense value in building a brand’s online presence.

You’ll definitely want to use both effectively because your brand will need every ounce of strategic positioning it can get to stay relevant. So to sign off, it could be said that Facebook Ads is great when you want to focus on your audience, while Google Ads is great when you want to give your brand the spotlight. Learn to balance both and shift gears accordingly.