Marketing and advertising your business just got a whole lot easier.

Not only that, your potential for a massive increase on ROI in this area is closer than you think!

Facebook marketing–the little ads you see in the side of your news feed or the big ones that are right in your face–are more cost-effective than you might think.

Better still–unlike the days of “broadcast media” like print, TV and radio–you can get super-laser-focused on your target market. In other words, you’re only paying for your hottest prospects to see your ads.

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Facebook Marketing Information

The basic strategy of most small businesses is a steady growth and increasing revenues. To accomplish this you should include Facebook marketing as part of your tactics; it will open up many possibilities to grow. And this you could do even if you’re seeing some results in marketing your products the traditional way.

Business strategy

Many companies, both small and large, are reaping amazing rewards using Facebook marketing and some have seen some remarkable results in a short time. Good results are seen in almost all areas of business like e-commerce, entertainment, financial services, retail, telecom, education and more.

You could also learn to harness the powerful nature of Facebook advertising. You should of course be realistic in your expectations, but it’s clear that Facebook has a great marketing potential your almost any business.

And what is the reason these companies are so successful with Facebook marketing? Many are small businesses like your own, perhaps offering similar products as yourself.

  • The main reason for their success is this: these companies have developed a good business and advertising strategy and they skillfully use Facebook marketing as a tool to achieve their goals.
  • Another reason is that Facebook Fans tend to visit brand pages more often and also purchase from these sites. A report says that 10 visitors to your Facebook page corresponds to about 200 visits to your web site.

This means that you don’t need as many visitors to your Facebook page as you would to your web page. So if your business isn’t involved in Facebook marketing, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities.

The Facebook network connects hundreds of millions of users all over the world, many of which are people who are ready to spend money on products or services. Each user can be connected to several hundred other friends—you understand potential huge of such a market where information on your product can spread quickly among a great number of people.

As a business market Facebook is interesting and versatile—you can target groups of people with specific keywords based on age, interests and more. You can target geographical areas with tailored campaigns. With this advertising strategy the sky’s truly the limit!

Still hesitating?

Facebook marketing and advertisement may be new and unknown to you and this could prevent you from including this marketing strategy in your business. Facebook marketing is not too complicated or expensive to learn.

Many now successful companies started out with trial-and-error methods until they figured out the best way to do it. So if you’re feeling clueless, don’t worry. You are not alone, many share your feelings.

Don’t get me wrong; it still means hard work on your part. And remember this:

  • Facebook marketing is more a craft than an art—it means that you can succeed even though you’re not an expert in marketing or a professional ad writer.

Take you time and try it out before you decide if you want to emerge your business into this strategy.

Where to start?

If you’re eager to start I would recommend you first prepare you overall strategy. This will help you to focus and not wasting time and resources.

  • First,clarify your strategy—what people are you targeting and why do you think they would be interested in paying for your product or services?
  • Learn to write clear, simple, and original ads.
  • Facebook offers tons of good info; be sure to read it. They also had a “Marketing Bootcamp” to teach Facebook Marketing. Facebook homepage has more about this.

Learn from how other businesses are doing Facebook marketing. If you’re a newbie, try to simply put up a fan page and start building your “fan base”—this means a group of users on Facebook who like your product or service. Small businesses then engage their fans; this you can do through updates, posting pictures, links or videos that relates to your product. Using several of these methods, Facebook marketers learn how customers think and act. This is vital for success.

In your relationship with you fans you need to strike a fine balance; you need to advertise your brand but not overwhelming you fans with too much information, updates and offers. Many advertisers new to Facebook marketing, eager to make money, have forgotten that Facebook is a social network—it’s main purpose is to create and maintain relationships. Social skills are vital!

  • Facebook marketing differs from traditional advertising in that the possibilities for a small business to grow are almost endless.

More fun than traditional business advertising

The term marketing could sound technical or boring but Facebook marketing is actually great fun. Many businesses engage in contests with Facebook users for the purpose of getting post entries and invite more “friends” to “like” their entry. This is where the viral nature of Facebook turns on—one user contacts another to “like” a page, video or picture. If the other user likes it, he may continue the process and ask others to do join, and so on.

  • Since you’re interacting with real people the marketing process comes alive; you get responses, communicate, respond to complaints, post updates, and pictures.

If you’re not afraid to get involved, this work is actually great fun, especially when compared to traditional marketing.

Facebook marketing is not about the money

You may wonder if you can afford marketing on Facebook. This is an important point since many new and small businesses are on a low budget.

  • Facebook marketing does not demand a lot of money—you don’t have to pay a cent to set up a fan page. You can begin promoting your business for free whenever you feel ready.

Placing ads can be done for a low price. Well written ads can be very effective and some businesses have been very successful with targeting specific customers. So if you have a new or small business, you don’t have to spend much money on ads to get going or to increase profit.

  • Facebook marketing is simply about being creative—it’s not about the money.

Facebook ads are a paid service, but you’ll have complete control over your spending. You can set your own budget just the way you want it.

If you’re doing traditional business advertising and marketing, you should remember that methods differ; ads for newspapers or television will not always work well on Facebook. Facebook marketing is very different.

  • Be ready to renew your business advertising strategy to reap the benefits with Facebook.