Change Your Passwords On A Regular Basis

I worked in banking for years… passwords were the key to many things including the safe and the
banking machines (all by double access of teams of two people of course)… for that reason, I take password security pretty seriously.

Recently there have been many breaches of data all over… Amazon, Sony, Microsoft were the most recent ones. Forbes even noted that 2018 was the Year of Data Breach and have said to brace for more as hackers continue their quest for … well whatever they are really after.

Whenever you hear of these breaches and have an account you definitely need to be changing your passwords as they suggest… but do you change yours on a regular basis?

I know, it can be a big PITA (look it up if you are uncertain on that acronym) to change passwords. I have several accounts where they make it mandatory to change passwords on a regular basis…and even I find it annoying, but I understand the reasons why. It’s all about protecting your accounts, your own data or whatever is contained in the account.

I highly recommend you treat your data and passwords seriously – even if you are only a small business, you need to protect yourself. Ensuring that account access is protected and kept secure and also changed whenever people access changes too is very important. As the CEO you need to maintain your own security too.

Just imagine what could happen if the wrong person had access to your PayPal account, your email account, your billing systems. The havoc that could happen has the potential to destroy any business …no matter the size.

As 2019 kicks off, I recommend you make a plan on when and how you will update and change password access and also keep track of them. Just because you are a small business, doesn’t mean you cannot act like big business!