Facebook & Instagram Ads

Sometimes the Facebook campaign doesn’t want what you’d like. No wonder, there are extremely many options in the delivery, in the design, in the placement, in the guidelines or in the payment of ads. If you are lucky, Facebook knows directly and clearly on a problem. For example, if ads are not approved. But there … Read more

Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide

What are Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads are paid advertisements that are placed on the platform of companies and are played out by Facebook according to the targeting set to its users. The goal of Facebook advertising is to get the target group to perform the desired conversion (interaction, click, landing page call, lead or purchase). … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads have many advantages and a few disadvantages. If you are active in online marketing, there is hardly any way around the social network and its advertising opportunities for companies anyway. Costs When it comes to Facebook Ads costs, the big advantage is cost control. The daily or term budget, as well as the … Read more

Perfect Facebook Post

This is what the perfect Facebook post looks like Facebook currently has around 2.7 billion monthly active users. This reach makes it clear how attractive the network is as a channel for online marketing. However, it also ensures that there cannot be one perfect post. It’s logical: if there are so many people in one place, … Read more

The Dangers of Facebook

A brief look at some of the dangers Facebook can have hidden and some tips on how you can stay safe. Social networking sites are a great way for people to keep in touch with one another, they help to find old school friends who have been lost and they help keep in touch with … Read more

Mixing Business with Pleasure on Facebook

Over and over again I hear clients and colleagues saying how they don’t want their personal facebook mixed with their business: “I want my Personal and Business Facebook kept separate”. They fear to share too much information. Some think unliking your own Facebook Business Page is the answer. I truly do not recommend this and … Read more

5 Ways to Build an Interactive Facebook Community

Sometimes the best way to think up new approaches to build your community on Facebook is to do a little brainstorming. Almost every client I have, has a Facebook Page. With this comes the ever constant struggle to build engagement and grow the fan base. It is these connections that can lead to more website … Read more

Social Media Branding on Facebook

When I first launched my blog, I didn’t really have a game plan in mind when it came to branding. I knew that I wanted to focus on teaching social media and content marketing to small businesses and blogs, so I went ahead, launched the blog and just started writing. I did not concentrate on my site’s … Read more