How to Write Press Releases that Get Noticed

How to Write Press Releases

Journalists, websites, and various organizations are swamped with press releases from businesses of all sizes day in and day out. It’s been happening time and time again since the first news release was sent out (about a train wreck) over 110 years ago. Every one of those releases has had the same objective: to gain … Read more

8 Web Design Mistakes You Don’t Know Your Website’s Making

Good web design is a moving target. Tastes change, technology changes, and if you’re not actively monitoring and maintaining your website, it can be easy to sink into the murky waters of obsolescence. Most businesses interested in attracting new customers have a website these days, but many haven’t updated or changed it since it first … Read more

6 Ways to Boost Your Business With Webinars

Content Marketing with Webinars Hosting a webinar is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience and customers. If you aren’t using webinars yet in your business, you could be missing out on a lucrative opportunity to grow your reach, influence, and bottom line. Webinars provide a platform to leverage your … Read more

How AI Is Making Marketing Smarter

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our everyday lives. No longer just the stuff of science fiction, a recent episode on CBS’s 60 Minutes was devoted to this topic. “The Oracle of AI,” Kai-Fu Lee, said that he believes, “…it’s going to change the world more than anything … Read more

Buyer Persona: The Complete Guide To Creating And Using Them

Amazing, right? There are still some companies out there who do not even think seriously about their target audience. Others are already there and define them. Then it says our target groups are medium-sized companies or women over the age of 40 with two children. This is a good start. But such a target group … Read more

Online Sales: Guidelines For Social Selling For New Customer Acquisition

How does social selling work? The Corona crisis brings many problems for entrepreneurs: Should we sell despite the crisis? Should we discount products or give them away for free? How can we sell despite the social distance? The article answers these questions and shows solutions to Social Selling. But first two short answers. Yes, continue to sell, … Read more

6 Most Important Social Media Trends

If you work in the marketing department, you are probably in a planning phase, analyzing the performance of  last year’s initiatives, while analyzing the new trends in which you will invest in 2022. Social networks are a particularly active area in terms of news and trends, so keeping abreast of the latest changes in user … Read more