Do I Need a Brand?

Imagine a world where every small business owner’s skepticism about brand development turns into a nickel. We’d find ourselves in a sea of coins, each symbolizing a missed opportunity to understand the power of branding. It’s a frequent tale where the idea of “just needing a simple logo” echoes through the corridors of small businesses, … Read more

When Should You Revamp Your Website?

Did you know that some experts say you should redesign your website at least once a year? The web changes fast these days, and your visitors expect you to keep up with current technologies. After all, you want to offer the latest and greatest things to your customers and keep them coming back. Yet it … Read more

Website Planning Checklist: 17 Steps to Success

Here’s a checklist of 17 steps to planning your website to help you jump-start the design process and hit the ground running: Put together information about your business, such as the services and/or products you offer, your company mission, and history. (How does your business stand out in your market? What do you do differently?  … Read more

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a group of servers hosted at different physical locations, working together to distribute or deliver your content (CSS and Javascript files, downloadable objects, applications, real-time media streams, and much more) through multiple servers instead of a single server … Read more

Do You Need a Website

Will Websites Still Be Relevant in 2024? One question we still hear a lot of is – Do I actually need a website in 2024? We know there are plenty of ways to share and sell online. You can sell directly through most social media platforms now, so is it really necessary? YES. ABSOLUTELY without … Read more

Contact Page Mistakes

We’re seeing contact pages out there that don’t quite hit the mark, and so today we return with the flipside — some common Contact page mistakes that you should definitely avoid. You Have A Contact Page, Right? The first and most obvious Contact page mistake is pretty simple — not having one. This seems like it … Read more