LinkedIn Marketing Is the Solution to Small Business Owners Problems

ContentsAustin LinkedIn Marketing SolutionsProblem 1 – Failing to Get Passed the GatekeepersProblem 2 – Failing to Get Publicity and ExposureProblem 3 – Failing to Stay On Top of Mind with Prospects, Referral Sources and the MediaProblem 4 – Encountering Price and Budget Objections During Sales Meetings and PresentationsProblem 5 – Not Getting Enough Targeted Leads … Read more

Buyer Persona: The Complete Guide To Creating And Using Them

ContentsWhat is a buyer persona?Who invented Buyer Personas?What are the advantages of a Buyer Persona?How do you create a Buyer Persona?How many Buyer Personas do you need?What common mistakes do you make with Buyer Personas?How do you use a buyer persona?Conclusion Amazing, right? There are still some companies out there who do not even think … Read more

Content Research: 8 Steps To Create Great Content With Solid Research

ContentsWhat is content research?Why is content research so essential?Step 1: Choose your focus keywordStep 2: Think about variations of your keywordStep 3: Scan 100 search results per keyword and filter out the trashStep 4: Check BuzzSumoStep 5: Check other sourcesStep 6: Find the hook and think about a rough directionStep 7: Consume the contentStep 8: … Read more

Ideal Keyword Research For Google Ads

Contents#1 Avoid Waste#2 Narrow Down Keywords#3 Pay Attention To SEO Aspects#4 Use Tools#5 Sort Out Keywords#6 Identify Negative Keywords#7 Group Keywords#8 Note The Match TypeConclusion: The search engine Google has dominated the advertising landscape in search networks in the world for years with a market share of over 90% of search queries. The B2B industry … Read more

Google Ad Cost

ContentsHow does Google Ads work?Google Ad is an auction systemAd Rank is used to calculate the actual CPCHow is the Google Ads budget spent?Google Ads budget: the basicsHow is the daily budget spent?How to optimize the cost of your Google Ads campaigns?The schedule for announcingGeographic targetingDevice targetingWhat is the average CPC on Google Ad?The most … Read more

Facebook Or Google: Which Is The Better Pick For A Brand’s Ads?

ContentsFacebook vs Google Ads – Which is Best for my Brand?The Two GiantsSocial Media Strategic Plans: Facebook AdsWord By Word: Google AdWords Facebook vs Google Ads – Which is Best for my Brand? In the world of ads, every last lead counts towards taking your business to new leagues of success. Campaigns become increasingly competitive … Read more

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Contents1. General campaign issues2. Target groups, placements and everything in the ad setBeginners tips:3. Problems with the advertisement itselfBeginners tips:4. Payment, bids and success measurement Sometimes the Facebook campaign doesn’t want what you’d like. No wonder, there are extremely many options in the delivery, in the design, in the placement, in the guidelines or in … Read more

Tips For Increasing Your Instagram Story Views

ContentsUse the story format as a second impressionThe user experience comes first on InstagramWatch time is probably the strongest indicatorInteraction is always a sign of relevant contentOnly relevant content is sharedThe story function on Instagram is comparable to a diaryYour topic makes the musicMake your community distinctiveHabits are essentialYour Instagram story is the daily news … Read more