How to Find Good Keywords

Finding keywords for your website content is mission critical to the success of your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The accurate targeting of keywords will make or break your SEO campaign, because finding the right search words is the underpinning of the success of every other SEO effort. If you’re not finding and using the right … Read more

How To Write Great Ads On Facebook

ContentsCommunicate well: Sound warm, human and genuine; make the text come aliveYour target audience are real people with feelings, pursuits, fears, and dreamsBe clear! Clarity makes the text easily understood; people will not act on what is not understoodBe simple! Simplicity is the opposite to complex, bureaucratic, or academic languageOriginality makes you ad stand outAvoid … Read more

Get More Mileage From Your Site

You have launched your web site and now what? “If you build it, they will come”—well, not exactly. Without a marketing strategy to accompany your web site, there is no roadmap to getting visitors to your site.

Remember that your web site is a part of your whole marketing strategy and not your only route to increasing and retaining your customer base.

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