How to Write Press Releases that Get Noticed

How to Write Press Releases

ContentsKeep it conversational…with a personalityKeep it short but thoroughCustomize your pitch by target mediaFeature a killer headline (subject line)Include evidence points, data, and quotesBe timely and newsworthyPut yourself in their shoesSend it to the right people Journalists, websites, and various organizations are swamped with press releases from businesses of all sizes day in and day … Read more

Create, Share, and Discover with Facebook Live

ContentsAddress blog comments and answer questionsProvide a peek behind the scenesPromote your upcoming event or live stream an eventConduct InterviewsIntroduce new products or services Facebook Live is an incredibly powerful and engaging platform that marketers can use to share their brand stories in real time. With its simple yet effective broadcasting capabilities, it gives users … Read more

6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your WordPress Website

Contents1. Audit your content2. Fix broken links3. Speed Up Your Website4. Declutter5. Improve the User Experience6. Remove old users Maintaining a WordPress website for your small business requires a lot of care and attention. Your website isn’t something you should set up once, and forget everything that goes into keeping it fresh. We always advise … Read more

8 Simple Steps to Keep Your WordPress Site Secure

ContentsKeep WordPress, plugins, and themes up-to-dateLimit users… and be careful with usernames and passwordsUse a security plugin and a firewallHide author usernamesSelect a top-notch web host with top-notch securityKeep your computer up-to-dateKeep your site spotlessly cleanTake WordPress security seriously…and get a little added help It’s ironic that securing a WordPress website is called “hardening.” The … Read more

8 Web Design Mistakes You Don’t Know Your Website’s Making

Contents1. Aesthetically Unpleasing Design2. No Call To Action3. Ignoring SEO4. Bad Writing5. Auto-Playing Music and Video6. Forgetting About Mobile Viewers7. Fancy Over Fast8. Forgetting To Install Analytics Good web design is a moving target. Tastes change, technology changes, and if you’re not actively monitoring and maintaining your website, it can be easy to sink into … Read more

Why We Use WordPress (And You Should Too)

ContentsIt’s Insanely PopularIt’s FreeIt’s Highly FlexibleIt’s Easy To Use When it comes to building and designing a website, there are many, many systems available to use, but at Solamar we always use WordPress. WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that has been around since 2003, and it is hands down the best choice … Read more

Step Up, Stand Out, and Get Noticed on Social Media

ContentsShow that you care…and be sincereCarefully select your social media outletsGet and keep your competitive edgePost frequentlyBe humbleRespond to comments fastMake it worth their timePromote your postsEncourage sharing I’ve always been a little quirky. Tactful people describe me as imaginative and creative. The not-so-tactful ones say I’m one-of-a-kind, maybe even a little nutty. I’m not … Read more

6 Ways to Boost Your Business With Webinars

ContentsContent Marketing with Webinars1. Establish Authority2. Generate Leads3. Pitch Offers4. Joint Venture5. Retain Customers6. Sell Your WebinarsWebinar Software ChoicesZoomGoogle MeetGoToWebinarAdobe Connect Content Marketing with Webinars Hosting a webinar is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience and customers. If you aren’t using webinars yet in your business, you could be … Read more

How AI Is Making Marketing Smarter

ContentsSo, what the heck is AI, anyway?How is AI making marketers like us smarter?Deep learning is the key.How AI is taking marketing automation into the future.How far can AI take us? It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our everyday lives. No longer just the stuff of science fiction, … Read more