6 Ways to Avoid Being Boring and Getting Unfollowed

Contents1. Share relevant and helpful information. And throw in some entertainment as well.2. Share engaging visual content rather than only text.3. Social isn’t only about you. Don’t apply your advertising approach to social.4. Share other people’s content too.5. Interact with your followers.6. Don’t be a dull brand. Show some personality. Social media can be a … Read more

10 Ways to Optimize your Pinterest Business Page for Social Media Marketing

Contents1. Choose an optimized “Business Name” and “Username”2. Include keywords in the “About You” section3. Verify your website4. Let your business page show up in search results5. Use keywords in “Board” names and “Board” and “Pin” descriptions6. Make sure pinned images have descriptive names and alt tags7. Include hashtags in “Board” and “Pin” descriptions8. Keep … Read more