Anatomy Of A Perfect Blog Post – Increase Your Readers With These Tips

Six Fantastic Tips That Leads To A Perfect Blog Post

Blogging is the best way to express oneself. If you have creative ideas and an intellectual thought process what better way than communicating it via blogging?

These days almost everyone is indulged in blogging, from individuals to organizations, everyone wants to interact with their audience. Well, it is an impressive way to connect with people across the globe.

And, for big brands, it serves as a base to connect with the customers as well as build a rapport with them. You can share the latest updates, product launches, and get closer to your audience through your blogs.

But, is writing a blog a simple task as it seems to be? No is the answer. A simple error can pull your content down! There are more nuances than we know and so, here we have shared the anatomy of a perfect blog post:

#1. Keep the title simple, exciting and relevant

You call it a headline or a title; it is the one that pulls the crowd. It mostly serves as criteria for the readers to judge the content of your blog. 80% of the readers don’t go beyond the headline.

As per the SEO rule, keep the title within 70 characters.

Add a title that can arouse the curiosity amongst the readers. Do not forget to add the keyword in your title.

#2. Introduce the Title

Once you have managed to hook the readers with the title, your next task is to make them going until the end.

Use a storytelling method to introduce the topic to the readers.

Groove HQ found out that readers spend 52% more time on a post that is built on stories. You can start with a quote, an anecdote, a personal experience, or any such thing that connects the user with the blog.

#3. Include Pointers

Nobody likes reading lengthy paragraphs these days. It looks dull and gives a feel of reading a textbook. You can use sub-headings whenever you divide the sections.

The best way is to add pointers which must be bold and highlighted.

This will make it easy for the readers to have a glance, and also it can be easily recollected.

#4. Visual effects

Research says that images are six times easier to remember than texts. Yes, you need to add quality and relevant images to make your writing more interesting. I still remember when my blog failed to perform. And, the only reason was the usage of reduced images. I immediately realized the power of visuals and added it.

You can add one image for each 300 words and don’t forget to use the power of ALT Tag.

The most common error that bloggers commit is the watermark. If you have picked up the image from the internet, remove the watermark on them. You can mention the source link separately.

#5. Call-To-Action

Wouldn’t you want to know how your readers felt after going through your blog?
Use the power of Call-to-Action (CTA). A CTA can be added to the footer or sidebar.

You can add CTA like subscribe, comment, leave your feedback and so on.

#6. Add Share Buttons

You have put a lot of hard work on your writing, and this last step will earn you the bonus point. Add the sharing buttons. If you want your post to reach to a larger audience, the only way is to be shared with others.

A share button makes a blog post 7 times more shareable than one without them.

You would have come across several blogs on Facebook and Twitter that has gone viral. This is possible only if you add share buttons to your blogs.

The readers are hungry for entertaining and informative posts. Give them what they want, and you would soon find that your blogs are becoming popular. Thus, an effective blog is the result of your ideas, choices of words, the tone that you have used, visuals that you have added and how you have made the readers feel after the read.

So, this was the anatomy of a perfect blog, and if you miss out a single part from the list as mentioned above, you will see a downfall in the number of readers.

Pro Tip: Do check your blogs before posting. Make sure it grammatically error free, and there are no lengthy sentences. Say no to passive voice.