Getting Started with Crowdfunding – Austin

Crowdfunding is essentially an IPO for small business. Whether you need $20,000 or $1 million, crowd funding makes it legal for you to ask for funding, pool together a large group of investors who each contribute a small amount, and work it out with your investors without having to offer an IPO or register with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Initial Crowd Offering – Introducing the “ICO”

A traditional IPO is a tool used by large, well-monied and well-connected companies to raise large amounts of money. It’s not practical for a smaller company trying to raise less than a million dollars to launch an IPO – the expenses alone involved in floating an offering will exceed that. Crowdfunding introduces what we’re calling an “initial crowd offering” – pooling together many small investors to raise up to $1million for start-up or expansion capital, in exchange for a financial return on investment. Instead of releasing your offering on the Nasdaq or NYSE though, you use a crowdfunding platform, which functions as a sort of “mini-stock market” but without the expense and burdensome regulations involved.

Cut the Banks Out of the Loop!

Banks – especially now – have very tight policies on small business loans. They’re just not making loans for small businesses or startups any more. So-called “small business loans” guaranteed by the SBA are also difficult to come by, and if you are a young, un-capitalized company or start-up, you will find the SBA to be of little help. The fact is, most entrepreneurs can’t meet the bank’s requirements, but now they don’t have to. If you can communicate your great idea to a group of potential investors, you can get funding. That’s where we come in.

Let Us Help you Launch Your ICO

There is a lot more to raising money through crowd funding than simply listing your offering on a web site. Explaining the legality, the benefits, the risks, and the how tos are critical to get everyone on board that can benefit from this opportunity and the sooner the better. We can do just that. Our business is making it easier and more understandable for you to get your business up and running as soon as possible.
To attract investors, you need to communicate your message in a very specific way. You need marketing documents, brochures, a private placement memorandum (PPM), and online assets that describe not only what your business value is, but why your potential investors should put their money into your ICO.

The basics of getting started with crowd funding are the same as with any business: research, knowing your product, determining your goals and expectations and developing a plan to achieve them.

As far as developing your product and research, you are probably well into doing that already. You can certainly do this on your own, but we can help save you time and effort. We know the ropes as far as social media and web content. We can help you get your message out to your potential investors in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

Crowd funding is new and the window of opportunity to take the best advantage of it is now.  You are the expert at your business, let us work with you to persuade potential investors why they should back you. We have developed a variety of packages based on the amount of money you are hoping to raise “crowd funding.”

We know that if you had deep pockets you wouldn’t be pursuing crowd funding in the first place, so we work with you to determine the specific needs of your business and the amount of time it takes to develop the media outreach program that suits your needs. Perhaps you just need to raise twenty thousand dollars to buy a new machine for your company, or maybe you need to raise five hundred thousand dollars for an expansion, we can tailor your media outreach campaign to your needs.



We start with an initial consultation. We listen. We want you to tell us your goals and what you hope to achieve. We will specifically tailor your web content to your needs.

There are no secrets here. Crowd funding has been around for a while. It is legal now but it is still an investment. Risk is involved. We will work with you to make sure the people investing know what they are participating in and the value proposition involved. We continue to work with you after their initial investment with ways to keep them informed and engaged with the company without taking your time away from your business.