6 Tips to create content for Snapchat for better business marketing

You have probably heard about Snapchat. It is one of the famous mobile messaging apps. Recently, it is becoming a valuable marketing tool and also the second-largest social network.

Snapchat is a purely social application, and it carries several business benefits. It is the best way to keep the business and its revenue flowing. Snapchat is becoming a vital part of global marketing strategies.

It is both the app and social network, so for the content marketers, it is a puzzle. There is a benefit of using Snapchat for business because when information also disappears potential mistakes and irrelevant content goes so quickly.

Six tips to creating content for Snapchat from those already doing it.6 Tips to create content for Snapchat for better business marketing

#1. Pay Attention while Releasing Snap

Snapchat allows you to send pictures and videos to a list of followers or friends but make sure you are focused while creating any story or content and also when releasing that edition. Create a short but valuable story that can understand very quickly by a list of followers or friends.

At very first, the Wall Street Journal Discover as an early participant in Snapchat, which is a media outlet. Snapchat also allows a user to view editions which are published by media outlets. But, WSJ contained eight different stories. And when Social media editor Sarah Marshall told Digiday recognized that those editions took the readers in too many directions.

Ultimately, after that relate to stories, WSJ rated Zero in all the three scopes like a business, markets, and technology.

#2. Cut To The Chase

If you are a regular user of Snapchat, then you know that the edition appears only for 10 seconds after that it disappears. So you should create that kind of story that quickly takes the followers to the point.

In early stages, WSJ has released eight different stories which were extended editions. For that Marshall also commented that it was wrong in their assumption in how long they had to tell a story.

After that WSJ team has figured out, modify their editions and also figured out how to get to the point in each publication in very little time. So make sure when you create any story it must be short and meaningful at the same time.

#3. Snapchat Videos Are Different From Facebook Videos

Snapchat daily user creates stories by broadcasting photos and of course videos from their lives. Mashable reported that Snapchat users watch a composite 10 billion videos a day on the app.

The social media editor Marshall also reported that the mistake WSJ made was they were porting their Facebook video strategy to Snapchat directly. There are specific differences between the videos of Facebook and Snapchat.

On Facebook, videos were seen on high engagement levels with muted and captions videos while on Snapchat more than two or three videos are watched with the sound on. So this difference makes sense that Snapchat is not like Facebook.

#4. Create Stories With Serious Content

If it is about serious content then yes journalism kind of material also work on Snapchat. Do you know that international news network AI Jazeera also use the Snapchat to deliver content?

It is one of the most hard-hitting journalism, but on Snapchat it is associated with trivial content. Also, there are many persons like social media producer Ziad Ramley told Digiday the broadcaster both of they decide to take programming attitude early on. And yes the news org uses Snapchat to give something new to the Snapchat audience.

#5. Worthless To Assume Video Views Will Help To Get Equal Followers

If you are assuming that lots of video views will contribute to getting some followers, then you are wrong. Recently, Ramley reported that there are many views of their videos, but still their channel only has about 6,000 followers while their live stories featured by Snapchat.

So this is the reason that AI Jazeera team is being more focused on programming for its base against the entirety of Snapchat. Ramley also reported that videos between 1 ½ minute and 2 ½ minutes, AI Jazeera’s videos get 70% view through the rate. And for the snap, it reached 90% retention rate.

#6. Using Other Platforms is Good Way To Get Engagement On Snapchat

There are other platforms like Twitter and Facebook with that you can determine engagement on Snapchat. To improve reporting, Snapchat announced a partnership with Moat and a recent Adweek Story shared MTV’s current workaround.

The broadcaster reported that this piece of content noticed by every single Snapchat audience and they share their screenshots of its content on Twitter. Also, MTV started to record what people were saying. Producer Cory Midgarden stated that he takes it all with a grain of salt, as its Twitter audience positively concerning Snapchat content while he commented that only one comment is negative out of 50 comments.

So this is how another platform can help you to determine engagement on Snapchat.

What do you think? Do you use Snapchat for your business marketing? Share your thoughts, comments, and experiences here with us.