5 Ways to Build an Interactive Facebook Community

Sometimes the best way to think up new approaches to build your community on Facebook is to do a little brainstorming.

how to networking for small business 300x260 5 Ways to Build an Interactive Facebook Community Almost every client I have, has a Facebook Page. With this comes the ever constant struggle to build engagement and grow the fan base. It is these connections that can lead to more website traffic, consults, leads and potential new clients.

Hopefully the ideas in the list below might trigger something for you and make you think of a new way to work in one of these tactics or a variation of it on your own Facebook Page. Sometimes it’s the most seemingly-insignificant little tweak that see people react to what you posted and help build interest in your Page.

Here are ideas to help increase the chances of getting your posts read and shared – the fastest way to grow your Facebook reach and Fans! The more the updates are liked and commented on and shared the more people will see your page.

Here are 5 Ways to help you Build a more Interactive Facebook  Community:

1. Keep it interactive.

You need to not only respond to your Fans in real-time, but also provide ways for them to interact.  This can include polls, contests, surveys, videos, links to visit – and asking them questions.

2. Make sure you post on the weekends.

Many stats sites and experts the highest activity and most engagement occurs on weekends.  Make sure you try posting and hanging out on Facebook at those times.  We generally add in scheduled items on the weekend – but spontaneous ones direct from you work well too – even better than what we do. If people can ‘feel’ you in the post it is much more effective.

3. Use photos in your posts.

Yes, we will always add them in what we do as part of your content updates, but those spontaneous pics are a big boost too. When you are out and about – take pictures, at conferences, events, and business meetings and share them – with a few tidbits of info. Making them in the form of a question will help nudge people to react and respond to the image and the post. But in case you want proof, studies have shown the share rate for photos specifically as “39% higher than average”.

4. Think twice about what you share – and what you allow others to share on your Facebook Page.

Your reach can be reduced if people hide your posts. Posts most likely to be hidden (apart from overtly offensive posts with racist or aggressive comments):

  • Graphic photos of animal cruelty, domestic violence victims.
  • Photos of unhappy people.
  • Overtly sales-oriented posts in personal feeds.
  • Repetitive posts and photos.
  • Strings of photos posted in quick succession.

With the latter, people may not hide all your photos; perhaps only the last two or three.  But far worse – they may turn notifications off for your feed – or change it to “only the most important”.  That can be the kiss of death for your reach.

This argues for not allowing others to post on your Facebook Page, if you’ve ever had to hide offensive or just plain irrelevant posts:  Hiding posts on your own Page will bring down your Facebook reach… but then again, you may lose a fan.  (How important is that particular fan?  Do her posts bother other Fans?  Are they hiding posts on your Page or news feed?) Unless you have a real problem I don’t recommend this method.

Bottom line:  Only you know the type of inappropriate posts that occasionally appear, so only you can decide if your best strategy is not allowing posts on your site… or ignoring the inappropriate posts, in the hope your other Fans will just skim over them too.

5. Create a strong “voice”.

Do you read books about bland characters?  No, of course not.  It’s the same with Facebook Pages.  The ones we like to follow the most are those with personality.  If you analyze this feeling of “personality” a little closer, however, you will see that there are common characteristics these “personalities” share.  These voices are:

  • Consistent – They don’t change personality on us.
  • Active – When we drop in for a visit, it’s never static: There’s always a new post or discussion.
  • Entertaining – We come away from the page feeling amused, uplifted, refreshed, educated. We take something positive away, and our day is a little brighter from dropping in.

Be unique.  Be yourself.  Be Real.  is my ultimate advice.

Have you any other tips for getting more people to react to what you share on your Facebook Page? Comment below and share your great ideas!